In this case, SH1FT stands for Smart High-Intensity Functional Training.

This next generation of high-intensity training launched in London in May 2017 and has quickly spun the globe, allowing people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life – in any location of their choosing.

“We believe that hard work shouldn’t be hard on your body,” says founder Will Brereton. “Every workout combines the best bits of HIIT with the principles of functional fitness, moving the body through six degrees of freedom and allowing people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life. Life happens in 3D so you should train your movements to match.”

sh1ft 4
SH1FT workouts will move you up and down, side to side, forward and back, with dynamic folds, bends, and twists. Whereas, traditional fitness training takes place in three simple planes of motion – sagittal, frontal and transverse. What makes SH1FT unique is this harnessing of engineering and robotics concepts that put the body’s myriad of movement capabilities to work.

SH1FT’s functional and dynamic workouts use explosive movements, quick direction changes, and isometric holds to deliver an intense workout that will create a leaner, stronger and more capable body in mere 30-minute increments. Every workout is based on a theme so your mind can be at play while your body goes to work.

You’ll torch up to 500 calories in a class and continue burning extra calories for up to a whole day after your workout. SH1FT will not only improve your fitness, but you will improve mobility, balance, speed, and agility (and abs… if that’s what you’re after).


It’s no wonder that HIIT as a fitness format is has grown significantly in recent years. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) ranked HIIT and Group Fitness as number one and two in their 2018 predicted fitness trends meaning SH1FTs move to expand their offering worldwide is a particularly pertinent one. To get a feel for SH1FT, try one of their “express” workouts on YouTube such as W1PEOUT – where you transport yourself to a virtual beach for 12 minutes of surfing-inspired HIIT.

“SH1FT is a digital-first company and what has set us apart to date, is our unique format and App based solution,” Brereton says. “Since launching, we have been flooded with interest from instructors all around the globe and we are excited to finally be able to offer an affordable and flexible solution to all.”

The SH1FT App allows Coaches to focus on the class in front of them, without the worries of memorising choreography, obtaining gym licenses, or purchasing equipment. Virtual Instructor Training also gives instructors the opportunity to become a SH1FT coach online at their own pace, in a location that suits them. Upon completion of training, instructors are asked to upload a video submission from their phone and if successful in demonstrating the SH1FT teaching principles, they will qualify as a SH1FT Coach.

sh1ft 6

Megan Rivero at Fitness On Demand says “When we first saw the SH1FT workouts, we knew they would be a fantastic addition to the platform. The SH1FT content stands out due to the smart and functional approach to the workouts as well as the unique workout themes. The fun and light-hearted ethos of SH1FT is something we believe class goers will love. The Fitness On Demand favorite is ‘Grand Slam’, a tennis-inspired workout.”

“SH1FT is growing quickly with new instructors and classes launching all the time, but this partnership will allow us to bring our SH1FT workouts to thousands of class goers worldwide…we are absolutely thrilled,” Brereton says.

That’s some serious Sh1ft.

sh1ft 3

Count us in.


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