Not many classes can be described as having “left us with a smile on our faces from start to finish,” but that’s exactly what Naomi di Fabio had in mind when she launched VeraFlow, sharing her love for dance while making it accessible to all.

“I created VeraFlow for those who love to move and want to live an authentic stress-free life,” Naomi says. “Yoga and Pilates are useful…but they can be boring. Doing activities in community is good for the soul and dancing just makes everything better!”

You may have seen this smiling face before.

Naomi spent seven years as a master trainer for Zumba®. She was the original Zumba Education Specialist for Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, training future master trainers as well as instructors. She has also appeared at a number of fitness conventions, Zumba® Fitness instructional DVDs and even video games.

Seeing a gap in the market Naomi developed VeraFlow as a way to deliver low impact moves, balanced poses and stretching elements all inspired by timeless dance and fitness disciplines to leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and empowered.

“There is no need to live with pain in your body,” Naomi asserts. “Once you experience the release you find in VeraFlow you won’t look back… It’s magic!”


This class appeals to mature populations as well due to the low-impact nature of the class, and as attendee Phil says, “I really and truly loved everything about it. I have never experienced anything like this class: I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Students appreciate this cross-discipline of dance and fitness for its lack of intimidation. “This is you time,” Naomi says. “Time out in your day to get a clear head, to get focused on the here and now and to get in control. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage! Your muscles will be strengthened yet relaxed and loose.”

Naomi’s extensive experience working as a group fitness presenter in the UK, Italy, South Africa and beyond has given her a rich understanding of wellness across different cultures. The VeraFlow philosophy is simple, and it’s one we could all benefit from, “Dance your way through life instead of dealing with it.”


Like FitSprint, Naomi is wildly passionate about empowering dance and fitness professionals in their personal and business development. If you’re looking to train from the inside out, definitely check out VeraFlow.

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