Instructor Spotlight: Colby Ranae

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“I hope to one day be the granny that won’t stop showing up for aerobics,” Colby said. “If I’m lucky, hopefully, I can continue teaching each week as well. Teaching fuels me.”


Colby leads a range of classes including Baby Ballet, Zumba, Rocket Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Cardio, Barre and Cheerleading. Her first decade of experience as a certified instructor culminated in 2012 when she launched Slice Fitness in London.


“Thanks to Slice, my Power Playlist is an 80s mix created for our aerobics and trampoline rebounding classes,” Colby says. Her keep-fit philosophy is ‘little and often.’ “Don’t underestimate the small steps towards or away from the goal,” she says. “They all add up – so don’t stop until you’re proud.”


Colby’s an ACE-certified Health Coach, PiYo Instructor and 500-hour Yoga instructor, trained in Rocket, Hatha and Ashtanga styles and has held ambassadorships for Sweaty Betty, Noya Yoga, Hometown Pride, Zella and Manuka Life. Now having returned home to Texas, she continues to lead mixed-level classes for all ages, as well as workshops and retreats across the United States and Europe.


Colby - Ballet uncropped
“I’ve always enjoyed juggling teaching with corporate life so my workout bag always includes a wrinkle-free dress for the day job,” Colby says.


As for her personal workouts, she likes to walk or jog with friends or audiobooks, aiming to log 5k most days. Her fitness routine is equipped with the Nike Running app and the Liforme Yoga Mat, and it’s often fueled by eggs over easy, her go-to meal. “Find a means to the greens in each meal,” she suggests, as one who prefers Avocado-based Dark Chocolate Mousse as her favorite indulgence.


Despite successfully completing the New York and London Marathons, Colby’s fitness goal hasn’t changed in over a decade. “After all these years practicing yoga, I’m still working to hold the elusive handstand.” All things come together, eventually.


Colby - NYC Marathon

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