Find the fun in your fitness” is the mantra that powers this former resident of New Orleans, New York City, and Leeds through 22 group exercise classes in a typical week.


“I started training regularly in gyms towards the end of my career as a professional ballet dancer,” Amy explained. “As I had already spent most of my life working, moving and dancing in a group, leading workouts in a group setting became my natural progression into the fitness industry.”


Amy instructs Group Cycle, Barre, Classical Ballet, Pilates and Barefoot Cardio and has called a wide variety of studios home, including Virgin Active Kensington, Heartcore Fitness Chelsea, Gym Box Covent Garden, Royal Opera House and Pineapple.


The atmosphere in all of my sessions is music driven in one of two ways,” Amy says. “I like to use different styles of rhythmic and ambient music to keep my clients engaged and having fun in their training.” She also enjoys recording clients’ progress in weekly plank challenges. Her Power Song is Let’s Get Physical (Funky House Remix).


It comes as no surprise that Amy was voted teacher of the month by participants in her gym classes three times in one year. Bypassing hi-tech fitness gadgets, Amy prefers to keep things simple with traditional equipment such as weights, resistance bands, and Pilates balls.


When asked her advice for maintaining healthy lifestyle Amy says, “Make sure you find workouts that are effective and entertaining. Without the “fun” factor most people won’t train consistently to get the results they want.”


Amy has been a brand ambassador for Sweaty Betty (Kensington Boutique) since 2012. In her workout bag you’ll find cycle shoes, water, microphone belt, AA batteries, iPod, and grippy socks. And when the gym bag gets emptied on her weekend (Sunday-Monday), you’re likely to find her gardening.


Although Amy’s go-to snack is “super-sour green apples” and sweet peanut butter, nothing tops her hubby’s food. “I can’t resist a head chef’s cooking,” Amy says. In later years of life, she imagines herself teaching aspiring Exercise to Music (ETM) instructors.


Thankfully this ballerina will not be doing her final curtain call anytime soon.

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